Architecture trends to keep an eye on in 2021

Architecture trends to keep an eye on in 2021

We’re seeing a great deal of continuity with years past in architecture trends for 2021: the most recent designs establish intimate connections to nature, and there’s a marked preference for windows, glass doors and open spaces, all of which create an atmosphere of comfort and ease. We’re also seeing a growing desire for environmentally friendly buildings. Take a look at some of the hottest trends for 2021.


Industrial design






Industrial design has been in vogue for several years now and continues to impress us. Taking us back to the industrial era, this style features wide open spaces and raw materials (concrete, brick, metal, etc.) reminiscent of old factories, as well as nods to the past that help make a design feel authentic. Black metal is a must-have if you’re working with industrial design. You can incorporate this colour into frames for indoor windows or glass doors, bed frames, side tables, pendant lighting, you name it. If you’re thinking about a black metal frame for your patio door, check out our advice on choosing the model that will really make an impact in your space.


Minimalism takes centre stage




Minimalism is back with a vengeance this year, which means we’ll be seeing lots of clean lines, neutral tones, functionality, a focus on materials and architectural details, sleek spaces and efforts to cut down on visual clutter. This style’s pursuit of refinement and a focus on the essentials come through in choices for both furniture and structural elements. You can tell a minimalist door or window by its size or its simple, stripped-down look that doesn’t bother with extravagant frills. Our OSO door is the perfect example.


A view of nature


Element patio door


Open spaces bathed in light and connected to nature will be highly sought after. It should be no surprise then to see the widespread use of big, bold panes of glass in architectural design this year, whether that’s with combination windows, large single panes or wide patio doors. By incorporating glass as a major feature of a home, designers can actually make the view of the outdoors a part of the decor, giving a calm, peaceful vibe to any space. Tie-ins to nature also work well: vertical gardens, themed wallpaper, natural materials (wicker, jute, etc.), abundant greenery, and more.


Green homes


NHP door


We would be remiss not to note another of the year’s hottest architectural trends: green homes. These are residences built with the goal of reducing their energy consumption and environmental footprint or that use alternative sources of energy, such as solar panels. Also worth a mention are passive houses, which require very little energy to provide a comfortable environment for their occupants. Their architectural design and cutting-edge materials ensure better insulation to keep heat loss to the absolute minimum. One energy-saving product is the NHP door, which provides 30% better insulation than a standard door. We can also expect to see efforts in 2021 to use local and less-polluting materials as much as possible, as well as sustainable furniture, accessories and items. Another increasingly popular technique is the reuse and salvage of old materials and structures.


Other trends worth noting:

  • Organic shapes and curves
  • Timeless architecture that ages with style
  • Boundary-defining partitions (crittal-style dividers, half walls, etc.)
  • Texture (materials, coverings, tiles, etc.)