High performance doors: A lasting investment in your comfort

High performance doors: A lasting investment in your comfort

Is your door looking a bit worse for wear? Is it letting in a draft? You might want to replace it with a strong, weatherproof model that will last you a long time, give you peace of mind and make your home that much more comfortable.


There are many advantages to investing in quality for your front door. The NHP door is a fine example of an energy-efficient product that works wonders for both your comfort and your electricity bill. To make it even better, it meets the Passive House standard. Not familiar? Check out our article to learn all about it: Trend - Passive Houses.


A more comfortable home

The NHP model offers 30% better insulation than a standard door. With two airtight seals that run all around the door, it does an incredible job of keeping the weather out so you can enjoy greater comfort in your home.


NHP Novatech



“The NHP model keeps out four times as much air and twice as much water as a standard door!” 




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With this model, you can also get more out of the area right around the front door. In this project, for example, the entrance doubles as a quiet corner, making it easy to read or relax by the door without a care in the world, thanks to the NHP door’s wind and air resistance. This is an all-season space, as the NHP’s improved thermal insulation keeps the room temperature ideal in both hot and cold weather. Sensitive to noise? The door’s soundproofing will provide you just the peace and quiet you need to kick back and relax.


Durable doesn’t begin to describe it

A nice, durable model can spare you from the frustration of a door that wears out or warps over time. Each of the NHP door’s parts has been designed to ensure it resists the elements and wears its age well. It is thicker than standard models and made with 30% more steel. Its PVC-clad wood stiles leave no wood exposed and double its structural integrity, resulting in a tougher door that holds its shape even in the extreme cold.



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This system brings together the best of both worlds: modern technology that pays tribute to traditional carpentry for a sustainable, timeless way to extend the longevity of your home. 


About the NHP system

Whether you’re building or renovating, the Novatech High Performance (NHP) system checks every box. Inspired by European door design, these steel doors are sturdy, sophisticated and environmentally friendly in equal amounts. There is a model for every decor style, from classic to contemporary. Even with large doorglass, all NHP doors meet the new 2020 ENERGY STAR standards. Also offered is the possibility of a triple‑pane doorglass with a second Low-E coating.


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