A third cohort of Novatech Group employees receive their vocational diplomas

A third cohort of Novatech Group employees receive their vocational diplomas

SAINTE-JULIE, Quebec, May 11th, 2023 – Novatech Group, Canadian leader in the manufacturing of components for the doors and windows industry, recently marked the graduation of ten of its employees. The employees had taken the opportunity to undergo internal training with full-time pay, at the end of which they earned a vocational diploma. This was a first diploma for many participants.

In the context of the labour shortage, Sainte-Julie-based manufacturing company Novatech Group chose the innovative approach of offering employees professional training in door and window assembly in partnership with the Centre de services scolaire des Patriotes and its sector committee. The entire full-time training, which took place over a period of three months, was given internally by a certified instructor. Ten employees graduated with diplomas.

“We have often had to lay off competent employees in our industry’s off season. We were looking for an appropriate solution to keep their positions while creating value for them and for the company. By providing paid internal training, we can not only improve our employees’ skills but also strengthen their commitment and loyalty to the organization. The satisfaction felt by our last cohort of employee graduates shows we’ve made the right decision,” said Geneviève Gauthier, Vice-President, Human Resources and Organizational Development.

With the challenge posed by recruiting, staff training and development are more critical than ever. Companies that invest in training have a competitive advantage over those who do not. Moreover, when benefiting from training and receiving a diploma, employees feel valued and recognized for their work, which strengthens their loyalty to the company.

Novatech’s DVS training in door and window assembly

Novatech’s students took practical and theoretical classes on various subjects, including health and safety at the plant and the manufacturing of residential doors and windows. This training also allowed them to acquire the skills required to effectively use the tools necessary to the performance of their work.

“Becoming an instructor was a great job opportunity for me. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Being able to transfer my knowledge and see just how receptive the students were to the training was very satisfying,” said Joël Morris, who was a production supervisor before becoming a certified instructor for Novatech’s professional training program.

The students’ pride was palpable at the graduation ceremony, which took place at Novatech’s steel door manufacturing plant in Sainte-Julie. Several of the graduates expressed their gratitude for the training, which boosted their confidence and advanced their careers. For example, Anne-Caroline, who had always hated school, was especially happy to finally have a diploma. For Haitian native Pierre Richard, it was a golden opportunity to receive a diploma recognized in Québec while being compensated for his training time. Some graduates, like 56-year-old Manon, mentioned that it was the first diploma they had received, which made the experience all the more significant.

For Catherine Brouillard, the development officer from the Centre de services scolaire des Patriotes who took part in the ceremony, this partnership with Novatech was a perfect example of successful collaboration between education and the professional world. “This type of initiative allows students who otherwise would not have returned to school to get a diploma. We hope to encourage more similar partnerships with other companies.”

“The importance of investing in our employees’ training to improve the quality of work and allow them to grow professionally is undeniable. It’s a win-win approach at every level,” said Harold Savard, president and CEO of Novatech Group.