Transforming the facade of your home for less: new doorglass, a whole new look

Transforming the facade of your home for less: new doorglass, a whole new look

Refurbishing the entrance of your home increases its value, both aesthetically and financially. Fortunately, there’s no need to do major renovations to get great results—changing your doorglass is a small step that can have a big impact.


It’s important to maintain the facade of your home, as it’s the first impression that guests and potential buyers have of your house. Even the smallest changes matter because buyers are ready to pay more for a place they love. As we’ve previously outlined, changing your front door or repainting it is a lucrative investment in modernizing the style of your home and keeping it beautiful. However, if you don’t have the initiative or the funds to undertake such a big project, one potential solution is to change your doorglass, which gives your entrance a completely new look in no time, for a modest investment.  


A door for every style

Glass: Liano

Door: Victoria Shaker


Whether you want to give your home a modern, classic or farmhouse look, you can create a unique style by selecting one of our many models of glass. They are sold in three formats (modern, classic or hybrid) and feature several degrees of privacy, from transparent to opaque. For this project, we wanted to give the facade a warmer look. The delicate Liano stained glass pairs perfectly with the woodwork of the doorframe while creating a focal point that optimizes the elegant symmetry of the doorway. Other models that work well with farmhouse or classic styles include Arima, Opal and Portrait.

Glass: Nobel

Door: Orleans


As part of this transformation, Nobel glass was selected to give the home a more modern look, with minimalist lines and contrasting textures. The Equation, Bolero and Nuando models have similar features with their refined, geometric designs.


Easy to install

Once you select a model of glass, you can buy it individually from a supplier or glazier. Simply remove the frame from the old glass and lift it up (careful, it can be heavy, especially when full). Then, you can install the new window. This simple process can be done without the assistance of an installer.

Here’s a video showing all the steps to follow when installing doorglass.


Optimized durability

Novatech doorglass is covered by a ten-year warranty on seal failure and internal condensation (mist), which means Novatech doorglass  keeps its good looks for longer. In addition, the low emissivity glass is very energy efficient, so you’ll save on heating costs.

Make sure to check out our new doorglass models. If you’re looking for a more custom style, some of our models can be made to measure. Fanlights and sidelights can also be replaced. If you’re looking for other ideas to freshen up your home’s exterior facade, you’ll find them in our blog post Exterior redesign on a dime!