Bringing the 2021 colours of the year into your home

Bringing the 2021 colours of the year into your home

Has 2020 left you feeling black and blue? Well, here’s hoping the next year will bring some more hope, balance and comfort—and those are exactly the feelings that 2021’s top colour trends inspire! Here are five ways to work these cool shades of blue and green into your decor.


Every fall, the biggest names in paint unveil their colour trend palettes for the upcoming months, along with the colour of the year. For 2021, Benjamin Moore picked Aegean Teal, and Sico went with Blue‑Winged Warbler. Behr is offering the Calm Zone, a selection of soothing blues and greens that mesh beautifully with the creams, yellows and browns that make up the rest of their trend palette. The top colours of 2021 evoke stability, purity and harmony with the earth—perfect for giving your home a comforting and welcoming atmosphere, inside and out.


Focus on the front door




Does your house have fairly classical architecture? Paint your front door in a shade of blue or green, for an easy way to add some visual interest while maintaining the elegance of your home. These timeless, cozy colours will showcase your front entrance and welcome your guests in. Or are you more of a daring soul? Consider a vibrant yellow door. Whether your style is traditional or more contemporary, a bright yellow door will spread warmth and light all through your home.


Add some personality to a kid’s bedroom




Enough with blue rooms for boys and pink rooms for girls! Green and yellow are perfect gender‑neutral colours for a bedroom that can grow and change along with your kiddos. Go for these shades when you’re picking out textiles and accessories. Green and yellow make for a great neutral canvas, whether you’re crafting a little one’s playful world or helping an older kid show off their personality.


Paint your kitchen cabinets




Bring some colour into the kitchen! Colourful cabinets are all the rage in 2021, and perfect for bringing some friendliness and fun into the heart of your home. Turquoise, set off with vintage accessories and brass handles and faucets, will give you an inspirational kitchen look that’ll have you whistling while you work, dawn, noon or dusk. The other end of the spectrum—monochrome kitchens, with the same colour on the walls and ceiling—is going to be hot in 2021 too. Go for soft tones, like Behr’s Smoky White or Almond Wisp, or try deeper shades, like Benjamin Moore’s Silhouette or Sico’s Church at Auvers.


Bring a touch of nature into the home




We’re all spending a lot of time at home these days. For that alone, we should be able to enjoy settling into our cozy nests. The fresh, silky colours of the year—blues, greens and yellows, plus pale beiges, whites and creams—are perfect for bringing a touch of the outdoors into the house. The palettes of 2021 beautifully complement natural materials like light wood, linen and undyed fabric, so you can design rooms imbued with serenity and well‑being. Ah, exactly what we all need as we embark on a new year.


Freshen up the furniture

No need for a big renovation project—it’s easy to work trendy colours into your decor! You could do some DIY projects, or give your current design scheme a bit of upcycling with a few new accessories in the colours of the year. For example, think about repainting a tired piece of furniture or getting new cushions, covers or rugs in 2021’s colours. It’s a subtle touch, but it’s also an easy way to give your room a fresh look.

However you decide to work them into your home, one thing’s for sure: 2021’s colours will help you ring in the new year with serene calm!