Prepare your balcony for summer in 5 steps!

Prepare your balcony for summer in 5 steps!

Summer is upon us and we are looking forward to enjoy it more than ever! When living in an apartment or condo, the balcony is the only private space giving us access to the exterior. In order to be able to take full advantage of it, it is essential to adapt it to your taste. Thinking of preparing yours? By following these 5 easy steps, you will be sure not to forget anything!


1. Spring cleaning time!




Before you decorate, you must first thoroughly clean. Floor, railing, walls, patio doors; everything must be dusted and washed with plenty of water. To make your balcony shine without affecting the planet, consider using a mild biodegradable soap. If the floor needs to be scrubbed, use baking soda and scrub with a brush. For the windows of your patio doors, wash them with a mixture of water (1 liter, or 4 cups) and white vinegar (250 ml, or 1 cup), then wipe them with crumpled newspaper: success guaranteed!

This cleaning session will allow you to remove the dirt, but also to check the condition of your balcony. If some elements are damaged, it is up to you to see if they need to be renovated or replaced. Your patio door indicates that it will not pass another winter? The return of sunny days is the perfect occasion to change it. To help you make the choice that suits your needs and budget, read this!

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2. Time to organize!




Once the cleaning is done, the fun can begin! The time has come to personalize your balcony and make it cozy. If this is the only space that allows you to enjoy the outdoors, you should think about maximizing its square feet. Install shelves on the walls, hang a small folding side table on the railing. Wish you could cook BBQ on your balcony? Bet on a compact model. Same thing for your furniture: you better think mini and double function! For example, a bench seat could be used for both seating and storage. Do you like cozy atmospheres? Adding a carpet to the floor will make all the difference. To prevent it from deteriorating, however, consider purchasing a model designed for outdoor use.


3. And there was light!

Basically, lighting has a practical function, but in addition to allowing us to see in the dark, it’ll bring a magical feel to any decor! Before you shop for lighting fixtures for your balcony, take the time to consider your lighting needs, both for functionality (general and accent lighting) and decoration (ambient lighting).


General and accent lighting: ceiling lights, wall lights, articulated clip lamp ... everything that will allow you to be functional in the dark.

Ambient lighting: floor lamps, pendant lamps, lanterns, string lights ... enough to put magic in your evenings on the balcony!


4. Intimacy please!




We may have the world’s best furnished balcony, but if it is visible to your neighbours and passers-by, there is a good chance that it will be underused! To spend as much time as possible on your balcony and to feel good there, you have to make it intimate. Lattice panels, waterproof fabric strips, bamboo (or other) roller shades: there are many ways to hide from the neighbours in style. Be creative!


5. A little greenery!

The final touch: adding plants and flowers. In large pots on the ground, hanging planters or railing planters: you can never have enough! If your space allows you to garden, you could also create a small vegetable patch in pots (tomatoes, herbs, lettuce, etc.). It will not only bring life to your balcony, you will also have these ingredients at hand at all times!

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