Our showrooms are open to the general public as well as industry professionals. In addition to all of Novatech's products, you will find a consumer advisor on site who can help you choose an entrance door that suits your needs and preferences. The advisor will also be pleased to guide you in the process of creating your very own dream door using our interactive Design Center.

Remember that Novatech does not sell directly to the public. Our advisor will be pleased to provide you with the address of your local retailer, or you can check the "List of retailers" section.


Our showroom is opened virtually on appointment only!
1401, Nobel Street, Porte 100, Sainte-Julie, Québec, J3E 1Z4 (exit 102)
Phone (toll-free) : 1-844-986-8001
Opening hours :

Our designer advisor is available virtually to assist you in your choice of doors, doorglass and patio doors.

Make an appointment to meet her!