Steel Doors

The NHP system features best-in-class insulation to guarantee indoor comfort, superior energy performance and exceptional soundproofing. Its components are designed for durability and peace of mind, letting you rest easy for years to come.

Energy Efficiency
Introducing a new generation of steel doors

Inspired by European design but built for the harsh Canadian winter, the new Novatech High Performance (NHP) system is an answer to the growing demand for environmentally-friendly product choices. Combining innovative construction, robust design and ease of operation, it’s the perfect solution for your new home or renovation project.

Strong as steel

Doors need to hold up to whatever life throws at them. We’ve made the High Performance door thicker, sturdier, and more resistant than standard products. The 2 ¼-inch thick slab features 30% more steel and PVC-clad wooden stiles that double its structural integrity, ensuring a tougher door that holds its shape even in the extreme cold. NHP’s exceptional structural performance is achieved without using multipoint hardware.

Up to
the structural integrity
of a standard door
Up to
in structural
Strong as Steel
Airtight seal for greater comfort

Comfort is about controlling air infiltration into your home. Stopping leaks from coming through the door can go a long way to keeping temperature and humidity levels stable. A weatherstrip surrounds the entire door in an unbroken loop. When compressed against the frame, the weatherstrip prevents virtually all air infiltration.

Up to
less air infiltration compared
to a standard door
Less than
per second per m2
of air infiltration
Dual protection from water and air infiltration

Along with its unique airtight seal, the High Performance system is equipped with a second industry-tried-and-tested weatherstrip. The two seals work together to add an additional layer of protection, withstanding up to 540 Pa of pressure in water infiltration tests.

Up to
more resistant to
water infiltration
Up to
in water infiltration
Enhanced insulation

NHP doors have ½-inch thicker insulating foam than a standard door. The 2 ¼-inch slab accommodates triple-pane doorglass with a second Low-E coating, ensuring energy performance far superior to standard one-inch windows.

greater thermal
Durable weatherproofing

The anodized aluminum-clad sweep is exceptionally durable and elegant. Its design is even more remarkable since it is paired with a very low, ½-inch threshold — one of the lowest on the market for a steel door offering such exceptional performance. This feature makes it easier for everyone to get around, especially those with reduced mobility.

Unmatched results
The High Performance system is the result of rigorous research and development. Every technical detail has been accounted for and enhanced. The product will set new benchmarks during on-site performance testing and offers the level of comfort and energy efficiency our clients expect. The system also meets the new 2020 ENERGY STAR standards, even for doorglass up to 22” × 64”.

30 % more High Performance System Standard entry door system


PG 90 High Performance System Standard entry door system


PG 75 High Performance System Standard entry door system


A3 High Performance System Standard entry door system


Extensive applications

The Novatech High Performance system offers applications beyond the traditional entryway and eliminates the need for storm doors. The NHP system is perfect for a condo tower with patios. Thanks to the system’s impressive wind-resistance in the inswing configuration, it is well adapted for a wide variety of environments where exceptional performance is required.

Glass Options

Triple-pane doorglass: The logical choice

A second Low-E coating significantly enhances energy performance. We recommend triple-pane doorglass with the NHP system.

Double-pane with spacer

You can also choose double-pane doorglass with a ½-inch spacer.


  • Rebated door with dual weatherstrips (air and water)
  • Air weatherstrip surrounding the entire panel in a single, unbroken loop
  • Seal located on the outside face of the door
  • Hardware installed on the warm side of the door, inside the house
  • 2 ¼-inches thick slab made with 30 % more steel
  • PVC clad wood stiles (no exposed wood)
  • PVC sweep with anodized aluminum cladding
  • Compatible with North American hardware (extension kit required)
  • Compatible with standard entry door frames using available frame adaptor kit


  • Superior look and finish
  • Improved thermal insulation
  • Top-quality soundproofing
  • Long-lasting sturdiness and improved durability
  • Improved wind resistance
  • Adaptive system: More accommodating installation and easy adjustment
  • Dependable, repeatable worksite performance
  • Meets all ENERGY STAR 2020 requirements
  • Comfort and ease of operation


  • Available widths : 31 ¾", 33 ¾", 35 ¾"
  • Height : 80" *
  • Thickness : 2 ¼"
  • Backset : 2 ¾" **
  • Configurations : Left or right
* Compatible with standard entry door frames using available frame adaptor kit.
** Compatible with North American hardware. Requires extension kits due to the door's thickness.


  • Door
  • Air weatherstrip
  • Sweep
  • Sill
  • Frame adator kit
  • 1 ½-inch triple-pane insulated doorglass (all models available on demand)
  • Doorglass spacer (for standard 1" doorglass)