Novatech Group was founded in Sainte-Julie in 1982 by Raymond Ouellette. By 2009, the company was fully vertically integrated: glass processing, custom doorglass manufacturing, manufacturing of steel and fiberglass doors, PVC bending and extrusion, etc. The Novatech Group has ultramodern facilities that cover a combined area of over 100,000 sq. ft.. The Novatech Group now has a number of plants and distribution centres. The table below shows how the company has evolved over the years.
Laurier Architectural 2019
  • Sealed units
  • Heat treated glass
  • Spandrel panels
  • Decorative glazing
  • Laminated glass
Laurier Station, Canada
RSL inc. 2019
  • Doorglass manufacturing
  • Distribution of steel doors
Egg Harbor Township, USA
Novatech Patio Doors. 2017
  • First plant in USA : Patio door manufacturing and door and doorglass distribution center
Martinsville, USA
Novatech Canada inc. 2016
  • Merger of three divisions, Novatech Group Inc., Vernova Creations Inc. and Sundor Glass Inc., to form Novatech Canada Inc. 
Ste-Julie, Canada
Divisions - Novatech Concept Glass 2015
  • Themals panes for residential windows.
  • Themals panes for large-sized commercial windows.
  • Shower doors.
  • Glass bannisters.
Montreal, Canada
Divisions - Portes Patio Novatech 2010
  • Patio doors.
  • Garden doors.

Beauceville, Canada

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Divisions - Portes Novatech inc. 2002
  • Steel doors
Sainte-Julie, Quebec, Canada
Divisions - Novatech Glass (Calgary) 1999
  • Distribution center for the Western Canadian market
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Divisions - Plastiques Novaprofil inc. 1989
  • PVC extrusion and assembly.
  • Doorglass frames.
Sainte-Julie, Quebec, Canada
Divisions - Sundor Glass inc. 1987
  • Distribution centre for the Ontario market.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Divisions - Les Créations Vernova inc. 1985
  • Interior and exterior stained glass doorglass.
  • Silkscreen doorglass.
  • Custom products.
  • Tempering, bevelling and glass cutting.
  • Thermacrystal.
  • Decorative doorglass.
Sainte-Julie, Quebec, Canada
Divisions - Produits Verriers Novatech inc. 1982
  • Clear glass doorglass.
  • Doorglass with internal grills.
  • Venting units.
  • Integrated retractable mini-blinds.
  • Decorative V-groove glass.
Sainte-Julie, Quebec, Canada