5 tips for your perfect hygge home

5 tips for your perfect hygge home

There’s nothing like cold winter weather to help you remember the importance of a cozy home interior. Pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and look over our ideas for how to create a comfy nest you won’t ever want to leave!   

Let there be light!




Light therapy proves it: nothing’s better for countering seasonal depression and helping you feel better than catching some rays. That’s why it’s so important for your house to be bright and well lit. Let as much sunlight in as possible with sheer window coverings for your patio door or a glass front door. Select light fixtures that match the design and purpose of each room to create a pleasant atmosphere. Finally, you can easily create a quiet ambience that’s perfect for relaxing at the end of the day by stocking up on candles!


Warm-coloured wood




Wood is a great material for decorating with warmth and comfort, reminiscent of homey cottages of yore as well as the easy-going lodge life. Woods like maple and oak are unmatched in the unique character they give to a rustic and cozy decor, while more neutral‑toned finishes are right at home in even the most contemporary design. No matter which it is, you can find a way to work in wood to create gorgeously designed spaces to bask in at your leisure. Finally, if you have a fireplace, dream big and make it a focal point of your decoration. After all, what’s cozier than snuggling up by the fire!


Mother nature lends a helping hand




Answer the call of nature and add some plants to your home decor for a space that’s a joy to behold. Greenery won’t just absorb moisture and help purify the air, it will also add energy to any room. Think about it: what’s more welcoming than a space full of verdant, leafy plant life? Natural materials like wicker, wool and flax linen also make for a healthier environment. Try decorating with woven planters, hand‑knit blankets or shaggy rugs: the more the better!


Colour makes it pop




Plants aren’t the only thing that can liven up your decor: using a range of soothing colours is an amazing way to create a soft, relaxed atmosphere. The colours of the year for 2021 inspire calm and tranquility: gentle turquoise blues, shades of beige, creams and pure whites. When paired with natural fabrics and neutral accessories, they’ll create the perfect hygge space so you can luxuriate at length.


A backyard for all seasons





Who needs to go out to have fun when you’ve got the perfect backyard set-up? While everyone’s waiting for restaurants to reopen their patios, you can use yours to offer delicious outdoor meals without ever needing to leave your property! A barbecue for grilling steaks like a pro, a comfy patio set, a snug fireside—all well-lit so you can have a great time at home. Why not enjoy your backyard year-round with an all-weather set-up: purchase yourself a covered patio, or defy the elements with heat lamps or a propane fireplace!


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