The Oso model  stands out with its singular 4x3 lines embossing. The lines are deeply embossed to the side and fade out towards the middle of the door. The Oso model can be combined with a glazing on the side.

(This model is authorized to be sold only in Germany. In order to sell this model in other countries, please request beforehand our written approval) 

Design and Context
Technical details

Product ranges and thicknesses:

  • Prosteel 45mm, 60mm, 72mm
  • Inosteel 72mm

Thermal transmittance values (for models without glazing) 

  • Up of 0,33 W/ m² .K      
  • Ud from 0,64 W/m².K
  • Compatible with construction norms of  low energy houses and to Passivhaus standards


  • Compatible with PVC-, aluminium and wooden doorframes
  • Adaptable to all current market's hardwares: lever, safety lock or not, crutch, rosette, cylinder, draw bar...

Glazings for the Design Collection


Technical information of the glazings :

Doorleaf 72mm with NovaInox – stainless steel frame 

Triple heat absorbing security glass

P5A in 70mm thickness (44.6 / 24 / 6 / 24 / 6)

Doorleaf 72mm with NovaDesign or NovaPVC frame

Triple heat absorbing security glass in 52mm thickness (44.2 / 18 / 4 / 18 / 4)

Doorleaf 60mm with NovaDesign or NovaPVC frame

Triple security glass in 40mm thickness (44.2 / 12 / 4 / 12 / 4) 

Doorleaf 45mm with NovaDesign or NovaPVC frame

Double  security glass  in 25mm thickness without assembly  

Glazing-frames for the Design Collection

NovaInox stainless steel frame


NovaDesign frame



Standard white Novatech Europe


RAL colours satiné

  • 9016 Traffic white 
  • 1015 Light ivory
  • 3004 Purple red
  • 5010 Gentian blue
  • 6005 Moss green
  • 7004 Signal grey 
  • 7016 Anthracite grey
  • 7030 Stone grey
  • 7035 Light grey
  • Blue canon

Palette de couleurs

RAL structure colours

  • 3004 Purple red  texture
  • 7016 7016 Anthracite grey texture
  • 2100 Black texture
  • 2700 Blue texture
  • 2900 Grey texture

Laques RAL texturées haute qualité

  • Monobloc-Design – on the exterior as well as on the interior face, without visible doorleaf frame  
  • High quality embossing designs
  • Excellent thermal insulation with an Ud from  0,64 W/m².K 
  • Temperature adaptability: stability and functionality of the door remain
  • Materials that promote security : steel  panel, stable composite frame, P5A-security glas (depending on model and range)

High durability and life span: a door that ist made to last. Our door leaves are under vendor warranty of 5 years. Contact us for further details of warranty conditions and general terms and conditions.