UNO – Cadre NovaInox

Uno, a model with a multitude of faces. It can present itself either as a plain model or with different glazing variations. Discover here all its variations with glazing and NovaInox stainless steel glazing frame. 

Design and Context
Technical details

Product ranges and thicknesses:

  • Prosteel 45mm, 60mm, 72mm
  • Inosteel 72mm

Thermal transmittance values (for models without glazing) 

  • Up of 0,33 W/ m² .K      
  • Ud from 0,64 W/m².K
  • Compatible with construction norms of  low energy houses and to Passivhaus standards


  • Compatible with PVC-, aluminium and wooden doorframes
  • Adaptable to all current market's hardwares: lever, safety lock or not, crutch, rosette, cylinder, draw bar...

Glazings for the Design Collection


Technical information of the glazings :

Doorleaf 72mm with NovaInox – stainless steel frame 

Triple heat absorbing security glass

P5A in 70mm thickness (44.6 / 24 / 6 / 24 / 6)

Doorleaf 72mm with NovaDesign or NovaPVC frame

Triple heat absorbing security glass in 52mm thickness (44.2 / 18 / 4 / 18 / 4)

Doorleaf 60mm with NovaDesign or NovaPVC frame

Triple security glass in 40mm thickness (44.2 / 12 / 4 / 12 / 4) 

Doorleaf 45mm with NovaDesign or NovaPVC frame

Double  security glass  in 25mm thickness without assembly  

Glazing-frames for the Design Collection

NovaInox stainless steel frame



Standard white Novatech Europe


RAL colours satiné

  • 9016 Traffic white 
  • 1015 Light ivory
  • 3004 Purple red
  • 5010 Gentian blue
  • 6005 Moss green
  • 7004 Signal grey 
  • 7016 Anthracite grey
  • 7030 Stone grey
  • 7035 Light grey
  • Blue canon

Palette de couleurs

RAL structure colours

  • 3004 Purple red  texture
  • 7016 7016 Anthracite grey texture
  • 2100 Black texture
  • 2700 Blue texture
  • 2900 Grey texture

Laques RAL texturées haute qualité

Colour palette decorative films

  • Anthracite
  • Golden Oak
  • Nuttree
  • Winchester

Films décor

  • Monobloc-Design – on the exterior as well as on the interior face, without visible doorleaf frame  
  • High quality embossing designs
  • Excellent thermal insulation with an Ud from  0,64 W/m².K 
  • Temperature adaptability: stability and functionality of the door remain
  • Materials that promote security : steel  panel, stable composite frame, P5A-security glas (depending on model and range)

High durability and life span: a door that ist made to last. Our door leaves are under vendor warranty of 5 years. Contact us for further details of warranty conditions and general terms and conditions.