Extra Large Sidelites

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Extra large sidelites

Elevate your home's exterior with a touch of contemporary style by incorporating the new extra large sidelites. Specifically designed to replace standard double sidelites, these fixed windows are visually stunning. Choose from a variety of decorative glass patterns to achieve the privacy level you desire and give your entrance a bold new look.


Direct set sidelite
Frame: 13 7/8" × 79"
Glazing: 10 15/16" × 76 1/8"


Direct set XL sidelite
Frame: 28 3/4" × 79"
Glazing: 25 13/16" × 76 1/16"

A modern makeover

Sidelite pannels on either side

Single 28 3/4" × 79" direct set XL sidelite

XL sidelites

Available models

Vog glass
Sandblasted finish glass with four clear strips that complement the Vog steel door or Uno 3 decorative accents. (Shown with Uno 3 accents)

Edge glass
Sandblasted finish glass and a clear perimeter that seamlessly blends with all types of decors, whether contemporary or classic style.

Sandblasted finish glass
Sleek sandblasted finish glass surface. Very private, yet allows the light to shine through.

Clear glass
Clear glass sidelite. Open your home to the outside and enjoy the sense of spaciousness it creates.


Jointed pine reinforcements inserted inside the window frame for easy installation

Extruded PVC frame with glazing beads

Thermally welded corners ensuring increased weather-tightness

1" double glazing with Low-E

Custom sizes not available

Direct set sidelite sizes
Frame size: 13 7/8” × 79”
Glazing size: 10 15/16” × 76 1/8”

Direct set XL sidelite sizes
Frame size: 28 3/4” × 79”
Glazing size: 25 13/16” × 76 1/16”