The Equation model offers the simplicity and privacy of sandblasted finish glass, crossed with black perpendicular lines. Evoking window grids and divisions in a more modern style, Equation is the perfect match for Contemporary or Farmhouse style homes. Thin, clear lines allow a view to the outside. Available in left or right versions.

Design and Context
Technical details

Standard features

Privacy Level : 4/5 private

Product type: Silkscreen – Sandblasted finish ink, black ink and clear glass.

Our silkscreen printing process features sandblasted finish and color patterns on glass to provide unique designs with a high degree of privacy while integrating clear areas to see outside.

Pairing: Looks great when paired with sandblasted finish or clear glass sidelites and transoms.

Materials and composition: Double glazing with energy-efficient glass (low emissivity) that reflects heat radiation keeping it inside the home.

Insulated glass filled with Argon gas which reduces heat transfer by convection and improves energy efficiency.

Assembled with an intercept® “warm edge” type spacer, combined with energy-efficient glass and argon gas, reduces condensation on the perimeter of the glass in winter.

ENERGY STAR: This doorglass can be part of an Energy Star approved entry door system depending on the options selected. Check with your retailer to see if your selection of Novatech products (door, window frame, doorglass) are Energy Star qualified.

Standard dimensions

Available in right and left versions (as seen from outside)

Insulated glass size: 22x64" right, 22x64" left, 7x64", 22x48" right, 22x48" left, 8x48", 22x36" right, 22x36" left, 8x36"

Opening size: 23x65, 8x65", 23x49", 9x49", 23x37", 9x37"

Insulated glass thickness: 1"

Custom Products

This product is not available in custom sizes.

Pair Equation with sandblasted finish or clear glass for sidelites and transoms.


Doorglass Frame

Contemporary: A clean and simple frame designed for Uno, Shaker and Design Collection doors. Extruded PVC frame, White, UV resistant, non-yellowing, easy to paint, screw cover caps on the inside.

Classic (NovaPVC): A classic style frame that matches Classic and Prestige Collection doors perfectly. Extruded PVC frame, White, UV resistant, non-yellowing, easy to paint, screw cover caps on the inside.

Hybrid: Aluminum exterior / PVC interior hybrid frames available in both contemporary and classic style. Extruded Aluminum frame exterior, White, Heat and UV resistant, non-yellowing, easy to paint, screw cover caps on the PVC frame interior. This frame is the best choice for dark colors with high sun exposure.

Energy Efficiency Options

1" triple glazing with double Low-E
1-1/2" triple glazing with Low-E (High Performance Door)

The High Performance door is not only more insulating, but thicker and stronger than any other standard product offering increased security, superior soundproofing and exceptional energy efficiency.


Novatech doorglass are guaranteed for 10 years against seal failure, yellowing or deterioration. See the complete details of the warranty.