The Studio patio door exceeds industry performance standards. Ideal for high-rise projects, this door is built to withstand the weather and high winds at the top. Studio is a flexible aluminum patio door designed for architectural uses with multiple customization options.

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Design and Context
Technical details


Simplicity at Its Best

Simple and efficient, the Studio aluminum patio door exceeds industry standards for performance. Ideal for high-rise projects, this door is built to withstand the harsh weather and wind loads at the top. Essentially, Studio is a flexible aluminum patio door system, tailored for architectural applications with extensive customization options such as colour, sill finishes, glass, hardware, and more.


The Studio patio door is an all aluminum door utilizing pour-and-debridgedual thermal break technology and double-seal weatherstripping. It comes standard with aluminum jamb, head and sill covers



Our patio doors can be painted in the color of your choice, do not hesitate to ask your dealer for a specific color (option). The Studio patio door is offered in black, commercial brown and clear anodized. The sill is painted the same color as the exterior.

Commercial Brown
Clear Anodized


Insulated glass: Double Glazed Low E 272

U-value: 0.37

Water resistance: 510Pa

Air infiltration resistance: A3

Global: LC-PG40

Tests done with a 94 3/4' x 94 1/8'' door.


Available sizes and dimensions, exterior view.
X = Opening panel O = Fixed panel

5', 6' & 8 '

5 pieds

59 ½" x 79 ½"

71'' x 79 ½''

95 ½" x 79 ½"

7'6'',9' & 12'

88 ¾" x 79 ½"
106 ¾" x 79 ½"

142 ¾" x 79 ½"

10', 12' & 16'

8 pieds

117 ½" x 79 ½"

141 ½" x 79 ½"
189 ½" x 79 ½"

Custom sizes available tested up to 9 foot tall.


Frame depth: 4 9/16"


20-year limited warranty.



Poignée elite

Elite Handle — Standard

A minimaliste  handle for a clean design.

Keyed lock option available



Poignée View

View Handle — Option

An elegant handle well suited for wide doors with 8 foot height.

Keyed lock option available


Satin Nickel

Oil Rubbed Bronze (paint)


White muntin bars available (3X5 squares).

Sidelites and Transoms

A wide selection of sidelite and transom configurations is available in custom sizes. With an all PVC construction, our patio door sidelites are highly durable and offer great performance.

Other options

  • Color tinted and reflective glass
  • Triple glazing
  • Double-point locking mecanism
  • Keyed lock and keyed alike
  • Head and foot lock
  • Security bar
  • Multiple threshold options for water performance
  • Mutliple interlock and rail options for various structural performance, from LC-40 to CW-60
  • Interior and exterior extension
  • Nailing fin and stucco flange (2 in 1)