Imagine (Welded PVC)

Give your home a signature look by opting for a high quality structure with outstanding efficiency. Consider enhancing your patio door with attractive accessories, like grills. The maintenance-free frame combines the strength of wood with the durability of PVC. Unparalleled comfort and better energy efficiency thanks to reinforced, mechanically-assembled PVC panels with double weatherstripping.

Design and Context
Technical details

Choice of openings and sizes - Exterior view
X = Opening panel O = Fixed panel


5 pieds

59½" x 79½"

58½" x 81"


6 pieds

71½" x 79½"

70½" x 81"


8 pieds

95½" x 79½"

94½" x 81"


9 pieds

104" x 79½"

102 9/16" x 81"


9 & 12 pieds

107 7/8" x 79½"

106 7/16" x 81"

10' & 12'

10 & 12 pieds

116½" x 79½"

114 5/8" x 81"

140 9/16" x 79½"

138 11/16" x 81"



Look Handle — Standard

A sleek contemporary style handle that blends into any décor.

Keyed Lock option available


View Handle — Option

An elegant handle well suited for wide doors with 8 foot height

Keyed Lock option available


Satin Nickel

Oil Rubbed Bronze (Paint)

Integrated Blinds

Integrated blinds are a great way to let light in during the day while ensuring absolute privacy at any moment. Easy to operate with two discreet buttons. Because the blinds are between the glass, they are virtually maintenance free. Available in two colours.


Satin Grey

Sidelites and Transoms

A wide selection of sidelite and transom configurations is available in custom sizes. With an all PVC construction, our patio door sidelites are highly durable and offer great performance.

Decorative options

Available with horizontal dividers, full grids or hanging grills.




A large selection of colors is available on demand.

To learn more about technical details, please consult the brochure: