We love Mid-century modern houses! We want to see them at their best looking fresh and up to date. The new Era door is in perfect harmony with this style’s many assets: simplicity, asymmetry, and geometry. Painting this door in a vibrant color will add contrast to your facade's neutral and natural tones. Rediscover the exciting color palettes that made this type of architecture so memorable.

Design and Context
Technical details

Design tip

Era’s assymetrical composition is designed to leave room for a pull bar or a 7" × 64" doorlite - perfect for adding light to a narrow entrance where there are no sidelites or transoms.

Standard dimensions

Available standard dimensions : 31 ¾”, 33 ¾”, 35 ¾” × 79”


30% more steel: 0.028-inch thickness

Available constructions

N600: Regular construction (Solid), White Polytex Steel

N700: Regular construction + vinyl cap (Very Solid), White Polytex Steel

N900: Reinforced construction + vinyl cap option (Heavy duty), Multipoint compatible, White Polytex Steel


Energy efficiency

Description Glass U Imp U Met SHGC VT RSI Actual zone Zone at 02-2015 Zone at 02-2016
Flush or embossed doors without window None 0.14 0.79 0.01 0.00 1.258 A-B-C-D 1-2-3 1-2-3
Side flush or embossed without window None 0.15 0.85 0.01 0.00 1.174 A-B-C-D 1-2-3 1-2-3


Custom Products

Custom dimensions available.

Maximum non-standard dimensions for custom order : 33 3/4" to 35 3/4" x 70" to 79"


Fire rating

A 20-minute fire rating is available for this product in the N300 and N600 models only (see the "Technical Details" foldout for details), and only on products no larger than 36" x 80'', without doorglass.

Closer and panic door

Optional closer and panic door (emergency exit) assemblies are available on this model.


10-year warranty on N600, N700 and N900 steel door.

For all warranty details on steel doors, please see «Novatech Warranty - Steel doors».