Chord Glass

Inspired by the look of wood grain, the delicate, imperfect lines of this glass create a semi-private feel. Typically installed vertically, this glass is considered part of the Natural style.

Design and Context
Technical details

Standard features

Spacer : Novatech uses the intercept® spacer in its double glazing doorglass. This "warm edge" spacer type, combined with energy-efficient glass and argon gas, reduces condensation on the periphery of the glass in winter.

Standard dimensions

Insulated glass size :25x17 1/2",  7x64 7/8", 7x79 1/8"

Opening size : Intégré

Insulated glass thickness : 3/4”


Custom Products

Designer's advice

Novatech suggests 1 entrance style to help guide your choice regarding this product:

1-    Pure


Choose the minimalistic strategy, synonymous with well-being and radiance. Multiple textured glass options are available, depending on the needed level of intimacy. A pure entryway is elegant and brings balance to your home's architecture.


Simulated Divided Light kit

Simulated mullions can be added on the window of the Jasper fiberglass door to add style or to match the other windows of your home.


Novatech doorglass are guaranteed for 10 years against seal failure, yellowing or deterioration. See complete details of the warranty.