Five ways to work wood into your design scheme

Five ways to work wood into your design scheme

Whether you prefer rich walnut, light maple or rustic cedar, there’s nothing like wood to make your home warm and inviting as well as stylish—both inside and out! Because we all need a little extra comfort these days, here are five ways to integrate wood into your design scheme.

Superior façades


Wood facade


Over the last few years, wood has made a comeback in exterior façades, in part due to the popularity of West Coast Modern style homes. More and more houses are popping up in this style, which skillfully blends contemporary avant-garde architecture with clean and simple design. Wood predominates both inside and out in the West Coast Modern style, and these houses are known for incorporating natural transitions to the outside world, through open ceilings, big windows and patio doors.


Elegant ceilings



Credit: Maxime Brouillet

Project: Chalet du bois flotté


Stained, painted or unfinished, wood is the ideal way to give a room cachet. Beyond floors, furnishings and panelled walls, there’s nothing better than a wood-planked ceiling to create a cozy space. Planks painted white are a great way to brighten up a bathroom or bedroom with a seaside vibe or a farmhouse chic look, while wood in a natural stain can really bring together an industrial design scheme or cottage-style home.


Charming accent walls


Accent wall


It can be difficult to decorate a large room or figure out what to do with an empty wall. To mix it up a little and add some personality to your space, consider an eye-catching accent wall in wood. Think a barn wood wall to give your living room or dining room a rustic charm, or paint smaller planks or mouldings to create geometric shapes to frame your bed. The options are many—have fun with it!


Stylish exposed beams


Exposed beams


Ceiling beams are not just for the cottage! Exposed structural elements in your entryway, living room or dining room are an elegant way to highlight the architecture of your home. And they also give a warm and authentic touch to any design style. Same goes for columns—whether they’re structural or simply decorative, they can be used to define different areas of a room and add a little character too.


DIY décor




Adding wood elements to your home doesn’t require massive renovations—smaller projects can also do the trick. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, the possibilities are endless! Rescue used wood pallets to make beautiful and functional furniture, like a pretty coffee table, a comfortable bench or a storage unit to brighten up your home’s entryway. Give a second life to an old wooden door by transforming it into a dining room table, a rustic mirror or even a charming headboard!