TEST – Choose your front door colour based on your personality

TEST – Choose your front door colour based on your personality

Are you having a hard time deciding on a colour for your front door? The general appearance of your home (architectural style, siding colour) isn’t the only thing you should be considering. Your personality can help you select a colour you won’t regret. Take the test to find out which front door colour matches your personality!


Disclaimer: The following test and analysis are 0% scientific and 100% fun. Enjoy!


1. If someone threw you a surprise party, you’d probably…

1. Be very uncomfortable. You don’t like being the centre of attention.

2. Be grateful. It’s nice that someone was thinking of you.

3. Howl with joy and immediately start posting pictures from the event on social media!


2. At a networking event, you’re the type to…

1. Stay in a corner talking with the people you know. You’re rather reserved.

2. Talk with other people, but only if they approach you.

3. Introduce yourself to the other participants. You’re no wallflower!


3. You’re supposed to wear a costume to work for Halloween. You’ll probably…

1. Buy a pre-made costume. Creativity is not your strong suit!

2. Reuse an old costume that you modify to fit the theme.

3. Make every piece of your costume so that it’s one of a kind. You have quite an imagination!  


4. You’re spending the weekend with friends at a cottage. You’re the type to…

1. Lounge around with a good book. Cottages are made for relaxing!

2. Rest up or tag along with the group for some outdoor fun, depending on your energy that day.

3. Wake up early for hiking, biking and canoeing. There’s not a minute to lose!


5. You’re shopping for a new pair of glasses. You’ll probably…

1. Go for something discreet. You don’t like standing out!

2. Choose a pair that’s trendy but not too loud.

3. Buy the most eccentric, colourful pair you can find. Your glasses are your trademark!


6. When you decorate your house, you’re more likely to…

1. Trust your own taste. Keeping up with trends isn’t your thing!

2. Take inspiration from current interior design trends and adapt them to your personality.

3. Integrate all the latest trends. Pinterest is your best friend!


7. When you go out to eat, you…

1. Always go to the same place. You can never have too much of a good thing!

2. Often go to the same restaurant, except on special occasions.

3. Try all the new spots your friends recommend. On to the next great discovery!


8. When it comes to getting dressed, you’re most comfortable…

1. Wearing muted clothing. You like timeless classics.

2. Dressing for the occasion. On weekends, you like wearing funkier pieces.

3. Mixing styles and colours. You like original looks!


Analyze your results

Count the number of 1s, 2s and 3s in your responses and read the paragraph corresponding to your most common choice.


You answered mostly 1


Your personality is rather reserved. For you, good taste equals subdued styles! Anything flashy that draws attention is too much for you. In terms of both fashion and interior design, you prefer classics that age well over current trends that may go out of style next year! You like beautiful pieces and want them to last a long time!

Door colours that correspond to your personality: White, black, brown, grey (light or dark) wood, burgundy, navy blue… Those seeking timeless elegance have so many classic hues to choose from! For a really understated exterior, try a tone-on-tone look—choose a door that matches the colour of your home’s exterior siding.

See below for inspiration:

Subtle touch

Elegance and refinement

Classic welcome

Meticulous arrangement

Absolute luminosity


You answered mostly 2


Your personality is versatile. Your tastes range from low-key to more dazzling. If your style had a zodiac sign, it would definitely be Libra! In general, you’d rather order à la carte as opposed to ordering a pre-set menu—you like making your own choices. “It depends,” “maybe” and “we’ll see” are all part of your everyday vocabulary. You need to analyze every situation before making a decision.

Door colours that correspond to your personality: It depends! If the outside of your home is a neutral tone, you could choose a door in a contrasting colour to create a focal point and draw in the gaze. Or you could go for a neutral coloured door for a more consistent look. It could be the best option for your home. You’ll have to see!

See our full selection of doors here.


Your answered mostly 3


Your personality is extroverted. Your self-expression comes in many forms, and you make it loud and clear that you’re not like everyone else (and that’s what people like most about you). You like to take risks, and your aesthetic tastes show it. You tend to go with your gut when it comes to making decisions. You’re most interested in living in the now. Your biggest fear? Becoming vanilla and boring! That’s why you like change and anything outside the ordinary.

Door colours that correspond to your personality: Red, yellow, turquoise, green… Basically any vivid, bold colour that will make a statement to passersby. That way, you’ll be able to tell first‑time visitors, “You can’t miss it—it’s the only yellow (red, turquoise or green) door on the street!”

Check out a few examples below:

Boldly minimalist

Current vintage

Contemporary subtleness

Stylish accent

Free spirit


This way for more inspiration!

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