Saving on Your Electricity Bill

Saving on Your Electricity Bill

Our harsh climate can really do a number on electricity and heating costs. Opting for energy-efficient doors and patio doors is an easy way to save without needing to change your habits!


What’s ENERGY STAR® all about?

It’s a certification granted to door and window systems with the best energy efficiency (ER). A high ER combines with a low U value means a more efficient product. ENERGY STAR® products can save you up to 10% on your heating costs. They also provide better comfort levels by reducing condensation in cold temperatures. 

Energy star


What you should look out for

Glass is responsible for two thirds of the heat loss in a standard window. Some products can optimize the efficiency of glass. Low-emissivity films (low-e) filter sun rays, keeping the house warm in winter and cool during the summer, and argon gas improves thermic insulation. Also consider using high-performance interlayer products (such as warm edge) since they minimize heat transfer and increase the energy efficiency of windows.


Proper installation is crucial

This can’t be stressed enough: the highest-quality product is nothing without professional installation! Improperly installed glass can cause heat loss and air infiltration, which will reduce the product’s energy efficiency, no matter its quality. Also note that a door can only be super efficient as long as its frame is too!  


RénoVert—a handy tool

Are you all about energy efficiency, but worried about the cost? You may be happy to hear that the RénoVert program has been extended until March 31, 2019! It offers a refundable tax credit to Quebec residents who hire a professional to perform renovations to improve their home’s energy efficiency. Interesting, right? 



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