5 Ideas to Maximize Storage in Your Entryway

5 Ideas to Maximize Storage in Your Entryway

From the moment you walk in the door, your home should be your sanctuary… But it’s difficult to feel that way when your entryway is a mess! Here are our tips to make the most of this small room with maximum storage space.


1. Store things vertically

Your entryway has a lot of useable space from floor to ceiling. Shelves and hooks are easy to install and will free up space. Plus, avoiding floor clutter is sure to improve the traffic flow in the hallway. 

Rangement Vertical


2. Follow the walls 

If your entryway is longer than it is high, consider horizontal storage. Thin units installed along the wall won’t get in the way. Narrow furniture is also perfect for hugging the walls, and it provides tons of storage space!

Rangement Horizontal


3. Hide it in the seating 

A bench is a clever way to maximize storage in the entry hall! It gives you a place to sit as you get dressed and put on your shoes while providing completely invisible storage space! Whether it takes the form of a chest or features drawers, a bench is the perfect hiding place for accessories, shoes and bags!



4. Build it in to maximize 

If your entry hall is very narrow, furniture might give it a cluttered feel too easily. If “stealing” a few inches from the adjacent room is an option, try built-in storage instead. Shelves, cupboards and hooks can fit seamlessly into the walls of your entry hall. Another plus: the alcoves will add some depth to the room!

Rangement Encastré


5. Customize your storage 

If you foresee that your entryway will need to evolve over time, customizable storage is worth looking into. Move hooks and shelves with the seasons, or adjust units to child height to keep your entryway neat and functional at all times! 

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