Get your home market-ready with an updated look

Get your home market-ready with an updated look

There are many ways to enhance your home’s best features to help ensure a quick sale. The important thing is to create a welcoming space that potential buyers can see themselves living in for years to come.


1. Eye-catching exterior

A striking façade is a key factor in making a great first impression, and it’s easy to achieve with the right front door and exterior landscaping.

The front door                                                

Designing a custom front door or updating your existing door is a great way to entice a potential buyer to take a closer look at the property. What’s more, it can quickly increase your home’s market value.

There are a variety of possible configurations: single or double doors, with right or left (or both) sides, with a glass section or transom (scroll top, oval, half moon), etc. The main thing is that the door suits the style of the house. Choose a Shaker style door for a classic look, a door with camber-topped panels for a country-living feel or an asymmetrical design with a pull bar to match a chic and contemporary design, for example.

Changing certain details can also rejuvenate an existing door. For example, replacing a door or sidelight with textured glass (like satin or frosted) is a great way to let light in while still offering a measure of privacy. In the same vein, you could add a stained glass window (in a retro style, for example) or original (black baroque or beveled) glass, ornamental hinges and nails, or even decorative elements in stainless steel—all of these details catch the eye while adding style and value to your property.

Exterior landscaping                                         

Landscaping should be welcoming but also clearly define how to access the front door. A safe pathway with simple straight or curved lines, with or without steps, invites visitors in. A well-designed garden that’s not too overcrowded with plants adds to the welcoming effect. The door itself can become a focal point in an attractive colour like red, green, yellow or blue.



2. Small renos, big results!

Every buyer should be able to imagine themselves in the space without worrying that the home will require major work after purchase.

Neutralize and refresh your interior

Bring your decor up to date to make your home more attractive to future owners. You can start by decluttering and clearing rooms by removing any extra furniture or personal objects. Repainting the walls (don’t forget door and window frames, if necessary) in neutral tones like white, light grey or beige instantly shows off the space. Since light-filled spaces are much more inviting, it’s worth adding more lighting (standing lamps, ceiling lights, track lighting, sconces), especially if there are few windows. You could also invest in large mirrors to reflect light.

Living Room

Which rooms should you start with? The kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom should be your priorities, because these rooms are the centre of family life. A durable kitchen faucet is always a good idea. In the bathroom, changing the shower door (adding clear, tinted or textured glass) adds real value to the room. Switching out the bedroom window for one with eco-friendly energy-saving glass creates a more comfortable space, which will make future owners happy. The most important thing is quality.

Open up your home to the outside

Extending your living area to the outdoors creates a feeling of spaciousness. This is where patio doors come in! Consider a set in a style that matches both the inside and outside of your home. Enhancing a wood patio by applying a new stain is a good step toward a quick sale. Replacing the patio door is a great idea too. A Loft model, for example, offers a panoramic view through its oversized panels and lets natural light in—a great way to show off all the best features of a living room overlooking the yard. You can also enhance both the charm and utility of a patio door with decorative options like grilles, integrated blinds or handles with an antique brass, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze or black finish—you could even add a retractable screen!

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