Three essentials for an entryway that’s functional year-round

Three essentials for an entryway that’s functional year-round

A home’s entryway should be designed to accommodate occupants in both summer and winter. Here are a few tips and ideas to make yours functional no matter the season!


Mount hooks on the wall


You’ll find that nothing’s more practical for an entryway! Very visible and easily accessible, wall hooks can be used to quickly hang clothing and accessories. You’ll never have an excuse to leave your things lying around again!

During the sunny months, you can hang up caps and hats in between outings. Once fall comes, it’s time to hang up backpacks, jackets, coats and scarves.

Available in a multitude of designs, each more inspiring than the last, hooks and hook racks can even add a little something extra to your décor. Feeling creative? You can make them yourselves! Check out some beautiful and inspiring versions here.


Clever tip 

To give your little ones a bit more freedom (and to save you from having to clean up after them!) consider mounting hooks at a height they can reach.


Go for baskets


Whether concealed in a cloakroom or incorporated into an open storage unit, baskets are an absolute must for an entryway. In summer, they’re perfect for storing everything in one place: sunscreen, mosquito repellent, bathing suits and swimming toys and accessories. In winter, you can use them to store gloves, mittens, tuques and neck warmers. Choose from plastic, wood, wicker, fabric or metal baskets—there are options to match any décor! If your entry door is colourful, you could choose baskets of the same hue for a mirroring effect.

To see the different ways you can use baskets in your entryway, click here!


Clever tip

If you have multiple kids, put their names on one basket each. It’ll stop their things getting all mixed up!

Add a storage bench


You can never have too much storage space in your house! A storage bench in your entryway is not only a great place to sit and put your shoes on, but adds extra space to put away your seasonal items. Bike helmets, beach towels, skates, slippers, wool socks, blankets… open up the bench and store whatever you need most for that time of year! If you’re looking to add some warmth to your entryway, try a wooden trunk. A bit of advice: if you’ve got an imitation wood door, consider choosing a trunk made from the same material and of the same shade.


Clever tip


Ronam Construction

Credit : Design: Ronam Construction. Creation: Ébénisterie René Daigle. Photo: Martin Houde.

Does your entryway have a vent? You could put your storage bench directly over it and create a dryer using plastic tubes that stand up vertically on the floor. That way, you can leave mittens, gloves, socks and boots to dry on their own. You’ll definitely need to make holes though, so you don’t trap in moisture.

Get inspired to make your own bench by clicking here.

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