2 panel Planked Camber Top - Fiberglass
An elegant country-style door with planking for a more rustic look. This fiberglass door has square-finished edges, architecturally correct stiles, rails and panels, just like a real wood door.
Technical details

Standard dimensions

Available standard dimensions : 35 ¾” × 79”,     35 ¾” or 41 ¾” × 95”

Available constructions

This product is available in 1 construction : N1470

N1470 Woodgrain (Country style)


Energy efficiency

Description Glass U Imp U Met SHGC VT RSI Actual zone Zone at 02-2015 Zone at 02-2016
Flush or embossed doors without window None 0.14 0.79 0.01 0.00 1.258 A-B-C-D 1-2-3 1-2-3
Side flush or embossed without window None 0.15 0.85 0.01 0.00 1.174 A-B-C 1-2-3 1-2-3
Custom Products

Sides available.


Ornamental hinges

Ornamental hinges can be added to this door, for an extra touch of sophistication and to highlight the country look of your entryway.



Limited lifetime warranty for residential projects.

3-year warranty on multi-residential or commercial project.

For complete details on fiberglass door warranty, please see : «Novatech Warranty - Fiberglass doors».