Unique and audacious, Sydney's three-panel configuration is a perfect match for today's popular architectural styles.


Novatech's Sydney profil is now available with Garaga garage doors.
Technical details

Standard dimensions

Available standard dimensions : 31 ¾”, 33 ¾”, 35 ¾” × 79”,     31 ¾”, 33 ¾”, 35 ¾” × 84”

Availables constructions

This product is available in 3 constructions : N600, N700 and N900.

  Steel 24 G White painted Screw cover Multipoint mecanism
N600 Yes Yes No No
N700 Yes Yes No No
N900 Yes Yes Yes Yes


Energy efficiency

Description Glass U Imp U Met SHGC VT RSI Actual zone Zone at 02-2015 Zone at 02-2016
Flush or embossed doors without window None 0.14 0.79 0.01 0.00 1.258 A-B-C-D 1-2-3 1-2-3
Side flush or embossed without window None 0.15 0.85 0.01 0.00 1.174 A-B-C-D 1-2-3 1-2-3


For energy efficiency of doors with door window, please see the full report.

Custom Products

Custom dimensions available.

Maximum non-standard dimensions for custom order  : 31 3/4" à 35 3/4" x 72" à 84"


Fire rating

A 20-minute fire rating is available for this product in the N300 and N600 models only (see the "Technical Details" foldout for details), and only on products no smaller than 36" x 80'', with no doorglass.

Closer and panic door

Optional closer and panic door (emergency exit) assemblies are offered on this model.

Prestige moulding

Enhance the look of your door - both inside and out - with this high-profile trim. Easy-to-install aluminum trim.

Gargae door - Garaga

For the finishing touch to your home's modern look, opt for a Garaga garage door with the same profile.  Go to for more information.



10 years warranty on N600, N700 and N900 steel door.

For all warranty details on steel doors, consult «Novatech Warranty - Steel doors».

For all warranty details on prestige moulding, consult «Prestige moulding and decorative shelf warranty».