Let the Light in with an Oversized Patio Door

Let the Light in with an Oversized Patio Door

Replacing an old patio door with a larger model has an undeniable impact—it’s an investment that more than pays off when it comes to your home’s appearance and the peaceful atmosphere it creates inside. Plus, it increases the value of your property.

Want to see some before and after shots? Check out this video to see the results.



A better connection with the outdoors

In addition to being an accessible way to update your home’s decor, replacing and enlarging your patio door has several advantages.

  • More light in your home
  • Maximum airflow in your home when the doors are open, as oversized doors let in much more air
  • An expansive view: a larger opening makes nature a part of your decor and extends your living area outside

Interested? We recommend planning your outdoor landscaping with consideration for your home’s interior design—if you’re expanding the view out into the backyard, you want it to be nice to look at!


Loft Patio Door 

Choosing a patio door model

Finding the right patio door model for you means deciding on the effect and style you’re looking for.

Our Loft and Urbania aluminum models boast clean lines and a minimalist design perfectly in step with current trends. They are strong and durable enough to support an oversized window panel, and yet offer a thinner and more subtle frame. And the all-aluminum construction means you can rest assured that they will keep their shine and colour for years to come.




The Loft stands out with its two oversized panels that offer a breathtaking panoramic view.

  • Formats up to 12 feet wide
  • Lift and slide mechanism ensures easy opening and closing




The Urbania model is unrivalled for its energy efficiency and large glass surface that will fill your home with natural light.

  • Formats up to 10 feet wide
  • Sliding door with large panels that open easily

Custom options

Both these models are available in different openings and sizes, and you can also choose an asymmetrical configuration with a smaller operating panel. Different options are available (frame and handle colours, frame thickness, accessories, etc.) to suit your home, your needs and your tastes!


Can’t decide between the different patio door materials available? Check out our article PVC, Aluminum or Hybrid? Choosing Your Patio Door to help you make an informed decision. Then choose the perfect window covering to showcase your patio door and complete the look of your room.


Element Patio Door 

For advice or for more information on patio doors with oversized panels, just drop us a line!