ENERGY STAR® certification

ENERGY STAR® certification

Now more than ever, Canadians are concerned about saving money and energy. ENERGY STAR® certified products are the ideal solution for optimizing your home’s energy performance.


ENERGY STAR® is the internationally recognized and trusted mark of high efficiency. The symbol means that a product, new home, building or industrial facility is certified as energy efficient. Seventy-five different product categories can be ENERGY STAR certified, including household appliances, HVAC systems and doors and windows. The certification is awarded to those models with the best energy performance. The higher the energy performance score, the more efficient the product.


Changes to the ENERGY STAR® program as of 2020

On January 1, 2020, the ENERGY STAR® program requirements for doors, windows and skylights were tightened by Natural Resources Canada with the goal of streamlining the application process and raising performance standards. The main change:  The elimination of climate zones in Canada in favour of a single zone—the coldest. This means there is now a single bar to clear to obtain the base certification: An energy performance score of 34 or above and a U factor of .21 or below.


ENERGY STAR® certified products: Quality guaranteed




Only the most energy efficient product models earn this prestigious designation. Groupe Novatech’s commitment to energy conservation has always been at the heart of our company vision. Novatech is proud to offer doors, patio doors, insulated glass and doorglass that offer the possibility to meet ENERGY STAR® standards. The many awards and certifications the company has received are proof positive of this spirit of innovation and our desire to provide our customers with only the best.


The NHP system: High performance, durable doors




Set yourself up for success by choosing high quality products for your renovation project, new construction or other home improvement projects. This is especially important when it comes to key contributors to your home’s energy efficiency and comfort, such as doors and windows.


The Novatech High Performance (NHP) system was specially designed to rise to the occasion. NHP steel doors provide enhanced insulation and sound dampening, considerably increasing home energy performance. NHP doors have more insulating foam than standard doors (30% more!) and let up to four times less air through. And of course, the NHP system also meets the new 2020 ENERGY STAR® standards.



A certification your wallet will love

Wondering how you can slim down your electricity bill? ENERGY STAR® products such as our Novatech High Performance system can help you save energy and money. Your bank account will thank you: Replacing old windows with an ENERGY STAR® certified model can cut your energy bill by 45%, and a new ENERGY STAR® certified door can improve energy efficiency by 25%.


It’s also important to have your windows and doors installed by a professional. The building envelope needs to be tightly sealed to minimize heat loss and air leakage. Otherwise, all the energy savings from using ENERGY STAR® products could slip right through the cracks! That’s why we recommend leaving installation to the pros.