Five things to consider when choosing a window covering for your patio door

Five things to consider when choosing a window covering for your patio door

There’s more to choosing the perfect window covering for your patio door than just picking out blinds or curtains that coordinate with your interior. Before you start shopping, take some time to think about your needs so you can feel confident you’ve made the right choice. Here are a few questions to get you started.


1. Does your patio door face the street or a neighbour’s property ?

If so, privacy is a priority! A large glass surface like a patio door lets in light, but it can also let in prying eyes! If your patio door leaves your living space exposed, choose an opaque window covering to protect your privacy once night falls.


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2 Which direction does your door face?

If it faces due south, your patio door lets in the maximum amount of light during the day! In winter, that’s a plus: the sunlight creates a passive heating effect in that room. But in the summertime, that’s less than ideal! So what’s your best option? Thermal insulated curtains. These curtains are carefully designed to keep in 90% of the heat in your home in winter and keep out 90% of the heat in the summer. Another good option: cellular shades. These shades are made of honeycomb-like cells that prevent heat transfer, so they help regulate the temperature of your home year-round.


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3. How often do you use your patio door?

If you use it often, choose a covering that won’t hinder movement. If you put up curtains, make sure that the rod is wide enough on either side of the door for you to fully draw the curtains closed. Not only will this keep the pathway clear, it will let in more light. Do you prefer blinds? Then make sure to install two sets: one for each window pane. This will make it easier to come and go and give you maximum control over the light levels in your home. Psst! If you’re planning to replace your patio door or have one installed, you could always opt for our Discretion door with integrated aluminum mini-blinds! For more information on this durable, low-maintenance product, head over here!


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 4. How much light do you want to block?

If your patio door is in a bedroom or a living room that doubles as a home theatre from time to time, you’ll want an opaque covering like blackout curtains or blinds. If you’d rather let in light while still protecting your privacy, zebra shades or sheer curtains might be right for you.




5. What look are you going for ?

Do you love a laid-back vibe? Want to make your space feel chic? Prefer a more minimalist look? Your patio door is an oft-overlooked component that completes your room’s look, whether that’s contemporary, boho, rustic or industrial.

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