Wrought iron grills used to be placed on windows for protection, allowing doors and windows to be left open. This superb wrought iron composition will embellish your entrance and carry your guests back in time without altering the style of your home. Marbella is exclusive to the Prestige Collection 2 Panel Camber Top fiberglass door

Designer's advice : looks great with Sparkle glass

Design and Context
Technical details

Standard features

Spacer : Novatech uses aluminium spacers in stained glass products.

Technology: Cast iron

Frame : Frame size varies according to glass size.

Standard dimensions

Insulated glass size :25×42” , 25 5/16×51 ⁵⁄₃₂” , 31 5/16×51 1/16”

Insulated glass thickness : 1”

Custom Products

Designer's advice

Novatech suggests 2 entrance styles to help guide your choice regarding this product:

1-    Chic 

Ultimate sophistication

The choice of stained doorglass, combined with a matching stained glass sidelites and transom, will bring unmatched distinction to your home. This Chic configuration will add beauty and value of your home.


2-    Pure Chic

Trendy sophistification

Emphasize your doorglass selection by matching it with textured glass sidelites and transom. This elegant Pure chic combinaison has a refreshing style, providing perfect harmony between your architectural style and the current trend towards simplicity.


Novatech doorglass are guaranteed for 10 years against seal failure, yellowing or deterioration. See complete details of the warranty.